Quant23 the flying keel boat for a easy and safe way to fly

The Quant23 was elected the YACHT OF THE YEAR 2016! It’s a keelboat that anyone half way experienced can leap into and ten minutes later they’re flying. Try & fly - a high performance boat for amateurs. Exclusively at Stickl- Foiling Camp!


Barely imaginable but proved: The Quant23 is the first keelboat capable of flying, or as we would say: foiling.

At about 8 knots of breeze, the hull leaves the water and speed is going up remarkably quick. The 20 knots barrier is cracked in a few seconds. Absolutely amazing how easy a steady run on foils is to achieve on this boat. The only thing you have to do is sailing as quickly as possible. The boat is doing the rest.

The flat and rectangular hull shape of the Quant23 equals the American Scow, but with a concave surface.

This Hull-shape helps boat to get back in position once out of balance and prevent from nose-diving. Often feared crashes will not occur. All in all, this specific hull shape provides a lot of stability.


In contrast to moth-dinghies, sailing the Quant23 can be fun without foiling too. Therefore the DSS-foils are raised or even dismounted as practiced for light wind regatta. Even the keel can be raised using the main halyard. The rudders are equipped with T-foils which stabilize the ride. Those can be dismounted or raised in the same manner as with dinghies. All in all, the lightweight Quant23 can be easily carried on trailers and watered via slipway without crane.


“The Quant23 is not aiming to be the fastest foiler. It is a versatile boat that gives thrill to advanced or professional sailors as well  as it offers the sensation of foiling to amateurs. All this is possible in light and strong breeze.” – Michael Aeppli,/ QuantBoats

„What ever you are aiming for the new Quant23 provides the fun of sportsboat-sailing and the thrill of foiling in one boat!“

Quant23 has a multifunctional foil-system: Foiling boats of today generally lack of righting moment. Most of them are very unstable and therefore not really suitable for amateurs and for fun-sailing. Lack of ease in handling and complexity (very costly and vulnerable as well) on land and while sailing, makes most of the existing foiling crafts something just for «pros»!

The Q23 changes this: It won’t be the fastest boat on foils but currently one of the few, on which foiling speed will be a relatively easy to achieve and more enjoyable experience, as boat should do it by itself in a way and other then on centerline foil type of boats where crew has to subdue a totally instable system once up on blades.

Partially flying: The Q23 also is able to benefit of the foils when wind or course doesn’t allow full flying. Partially flying, with just a minimum of hull in the water, is be possible thanks to the retained DSS foil functions – this is another outstanding plus other competitors cannot offer at the time

Versatility: The Q23 can be sailed also without foils (e.g. very light conditions), spending a lot of fun and speed also for relative beginners and it also includes the possibility to race the boat in any sportsboats-event worldwide and even sail it as a “sailing-school boat”.

Scow shaped Hull keeps boat from crashing: The Quant23 is a low-flyer (compared to boat-length and compared to most of the center-line concepts). Hull-shape helps boat to get back in position once out of balance (little bounce, with some spray). Huge volume of front boat section and flat angle, provided by this specific hull shape, helps to bring back the boat in a position to make the foil working optimally again (perfect angle of attack).

Quant 23- sail and fly easy and safe on a 3 person keel boat

In May 2016 a new era in Stickl Sportcamp began! The FOILING-CAMP was launched by the OPENING-WEEK. Different foiling crafts from Skiff-Moth to the Quant23, several foiling catamarans, Kite-Foilers and foiling Windsurfers have been presented and tested by participants. After that, sailors have been foiling the whole summer through.

Already this first season was a huge success with fully booked courses und many sailors. Therefore we will constantly enhance the FOILING CAMP to regularly offer new opportunities to our guests.




Experienced sailors can rent and sail the boat independently after 3 hours of introduction. This offer aims at sailors that are familiar with modern sport yachts and dinghies and will explain the technical features of the boat as well as the different sailing modes. This includes conventional sporty keelboat sailing without DSS-foils at lower winds but hiking out of up to two as well as high-speed foiling with and without gennaker.



Our proposals:

Dates and prices

We offer the following options:

  • 2-hour introductional briefing with a coach and testing runs on weekends
  • Try & Fly: 2 hour briefing and 2 hours of independent sailing
  • Daily-, Weekend- and Weekly-Charter packages as well as sailing with guests on request (a skilled coach will offer you the sensation and thrill of Foiling)

·    The sport camp only holds one Quant23. Therefore we strongly recommend a booking in advance.

·    The Quant23 is NOT available for any kind of race or sailing competition

·    Max crew are 3 people, max crew-weight Maximal mustn’t exceed 270kgs.

·    Water time is around 2 -3 hours a day per team

·    Please accept that we are responsible for your safety! We will decide whether the conditions and your personal sailing skills allow a safe use of the boat (windspeed, water conditions, weather changes, thunderstorms etc.) 

·    Safety first: We provide you with helmets and appropriate safety gear like wetsuits, life wests, and harness etc.

·    Boat Insurance: fully comprehensive cover