IFLY15 the easiest and safest way to get into foiling for catamaran sailors

Learn foiling on the iFLY15. A flying catamaran with the best performance, most stable flying mode and outstanding safety! Exclusively at Stickl Foiling Camp at Lake Garda!

Why the iFLY15 is our first choice!

The iFLY15 is a serie-production sport-catamaran for everyone who enjoys highspeed-sailing and exclusive design and functionality.

The unique Flysafe â Automatic Foil System automatically supports the stable flying mode in longitudinal and cross direction. Therefore, the 4 T-foils don’t have to be adjusted by the sailor during sailing.

Average experienced dinghy or catamaran sailors with hiking experience are able to safely foil on the iFLY15 after just a few hours.

Even for advanced sailors, the iFLY15 offers a totally new experience with unexpectedly high speeds and agile maneuverability. The flight-stability-system in connection with several cautiously matched innovations enable safe flying even at strong winds and choppy conditions. This allows boat speeds above 25 knots.

The iFLY15 is the future of foiling: easy to learn, outstanding control and top performance.


iFLY15 offers the freedom to sail single handed or with crew. By solely using high-tech materials the iFLY15 is extremely warp resistant and weighs less than 90kg. This low weight and modern wings allow the boat to breach from the surface at only 6-7 knots of wind.

The iFLY15 has a length of only 15ft, is easy to transport, quickly rigged up and can be easily slipped at the beach. Its superior design reflect the immense requirements regarding quality and functionality.

Registration in the Formula 15 Foil class association enables to join regattas of this new construction class.


Catamaran foiling with iFLY15 – TRY & FLY-Sessions, weekend and weekly courses

Due to our positive experience we made in 2017, we now expand our iFLY15 offers:

In 2018 we now offer weekend and weekly courses too!

The iFLY15 allows a rapid dive into the world of foiling due to its extremely stable flight and good controllability. Although the full fun- and performance potential of the iFLY is accessible after further training sessions. For those who aim at more than just sailing in a straight line, they need explanation, correction and practice! Even professionals have been happy for the instructions of the coach via radio.

We want

  • safe handling of high boat speeds.
  • stable flying mode, even at high winds and chop
  • correct technique for take of at lower winds
  • effort-saving and safe righting up after capsize
  • safe execution of racy maneuvers, finally without touching the surface! Foiling gybe!

After a first training session which focuses on the basics, the fun begins: we recommend a weekend or 4-days weekly course.

  • it has been proved, that learning success is maximized when 2 sailors take turns on sailing the iFLY. Thereby they can watch the other sailor and listen to the instructions while taking a pause.
  • safety first: company of coach in RIB


The 4-day course enables us to get even less experienced dinghy or catamaran sailors on the foils. Entry prerequisites is experience in helmsman hiking out. Two sailors share the iFLY and will be coached via radio-helmets. This avoids frustration and allows to get foiling the fastest way.

With the 4-day course programme we can lower the previous entry barrier. However, the prerequisite in any case is safe sailing on cats or dinghies trapezing as a helmsman in 3-4 wind forces.

Two sailors share one iFLY15 and are optimally supervised with radio helmets.  This avoids frustration and leads on the fastest way to foiling fun.

There are several packages for the start into flying on iFLY15:

  • Try & Fly: 2 hours Intro-Training € 250,- From 2 persons 3 hours
  • Weekend course Saturday and Sunday, 3 hours per day with 3-4 persons on 2 iFLY15 
  • Weekly courses from Monday to Thursday, 3 hours per day with 3-4 people on 2 iFLY15 
  • Rental packages from 2 hours to 7 days (after training unit or complete course)

IMPORTANT: The costs for the TRY & FLY package or the course costs in the same amount will be credited when buying an iFLY15!
SPECIAL Dates 2020:

Foil-Opening ( Easter from 10.4.-12.4 ) / 1st MAY-Special ( 1.5.-3.5 ) / Ascension ( 22.5.-24.5 ) / Season-Final (2.10.-4.10 )
Further dates on request. Experienced foilers can rent the IFLY15. Trainings for clubs and groups on request.

Criteria for participation in foiling courses on the iFLY15:
Safe command of a catamaran trapezing in the helmsman's  position at least in 3-4 Beaufort.
Experience on dinghies or sport keelboats as helmsman and additional experience in trapeze sailing.
If you cannot fullfill these criteria, we recommend a preparation course in catsailing e.g. Cat-advanced-course or perfection course on Hobie Cat to get fit for the start of foiling on the iFLY 15. These courses from Monday to Friday include 15 hours of training. 
However, you should at least train a few hours of catsailing and harness technique before the course starts. We would like to point out that no course fees can be refunded if a participant is not able to participate in the course due to his requirements.