Foiling on kiteboards -the new olympic water sport.

Kitesurfing, while others are still swimming! It only takes 6 knots of wind to literary fly over the lake! That’s the knew challenge: learn foil-kiting!

Foil kiting – the new way of kiting beginning at 2 beaufort

Within the kitesurfing scene a revolutionary development comparable to the one in sailing takes place. With hydrofoils kitesurfers are able to fly at speeds of 30 knots at only 2 beaufort of wind while conventional kiters don’t even think about rigging up. Just like in sailing, the unbelievable sensation of being levitated above the water at a light breeze is fascinating. The fun to fly at extremely high speeds without noise and extremely high upwind at days that usually have been no-go days, is extraordinary.


As usual, innovative developments are judged as “dangerous” or “too fast” etc. 40 years ago, this was the case with windsurfing and lately with regular kiting too.


Of course there will always be kiter seeking strong winds and shreddable waves. But in total, there are so much more light wind spots to exploit with this new movement of foiling.

In France, foil kiting is growing rapidly. Lately many noiseless foil kiters can be seen even at Lake Garda. 

We are confident that this development will continue an therefore offer all kiters that hold a level 4 or 5 license the chance, to enter this new dimension of kiting.


Professional guidance by radio and backup boat guarantees a safe entry into the new kite-style.

Requirements: Minimum VDWS kite level 4 and kite experience. Experience on a directional board is recommended.



In-depth introduction on land and explanation of technique

3 hour session each day including radio coaching from coach motorboat

Maximum 4 students per group

Practice time on the foilboard is distributed within the group. Participants swap between foiling and kiting on conventional material