The Skeeta is the brand new Centrelinefoiler Foiler from Australia, which makes it easy for every dinghy sailor to learn to fly in a short time.

Skeete – the new Centreline-Foiler

The SKEETA is the latest 3rd generation foil dinghy, designed, built, tested and ready to go into production by an Australian duo who have been designing moths for many years - with or without foils - and who exchanged ideas and opinions with QUANTBOATS a few years ago. The wishes and views of QUANTBOATS were incorporated into the new boat - it therefore fits perfectly into our product range today.

Fun over the whole wind range.

Like all Quantboats, the SKEETA is characterised by good-natured behaviour and extremely good all-round characteristics, without compromising on "performance". This includes perfect behaviour during foiling in the lower to middle wind range, tacks and jibes on foils, as well as comfortable, controlled and fast sailing in very light or very strong winds. Then you sail the boat either in semi foiling mode or with conventionally with just daggerboard and rudder.

Versatility, comfort and safety
Versatility is a top priority at SKEETA. The scow shape of the hull makes the boat very stable and crashes are rare. If it does happen, they are well cushioned by the generous volume in the bow.
Thanks to the flat hull, you can quickly get back on board after a capsize. This makes it obvious that this dinghy is also suitable for beginners, for foiling training, for leisure and fun - next to racing of course.The "flying height" - for example, is infinitely adjustable - even on the water. A minimum flight level enables the novice to celebrate his first successes quickly. If you are surprised by severe winds, the buoyancy at the main foil is reduced to such an extent that the boat does not lift off, but always keeps the bow above water. This way you can always safely return to the point of departure!

Foils: Simple, low-resistance and crash-safe

The Foil-System in the SKEETA is the result of more than 20 years of development. The design is based on a patent of "Glide-Free". It features a patented lever-joint system and a free floating push rod. The result avoids negative angles of attack (crash prevention) and allows the reduction of the lift on the foil to zero, if desired. In addition, there is no need to control the angle of attack on the Ruderfoil. While foiling, the balance is ensure at all time, as long as the "ex works"-setting is not changed. Main and Rudderfoil can be mounted or dismounted from the vertical profiles in a matter of seconds, using a push-button system

Reality check passed

The goal was not only to create a simple and versatile foiler, but also to develop a device that avoids a lot of the known handling problems, especially with foiling skiff-moths and similar boats before, after and during sailing. Rigging, setting sails and boat launch make the preparations comparatively child's play.

The layout is extremely user-oriented - and at the same time spartan and reduced to the absolute minimum. The hull is simple, robust and unsinkable! Capsizing and unsuccessful manoeuvres are easily handled by the boat.


TRY & FLY - our program for test sailors and students

Interested in training and test sailing have several options:
  • Private training 2 hours mainly on weekends on request
  • Try & Fly: intro training 2 hours and 2 hours rent on request    
  • Fixed rental from 2 hours to 7 days on request (only after training or for experienced foilers.  
  • Weekend course 2 days, Saturday and Sunday 3-4 hours each     
  • Weekly course 4 days Monday to Thursday 3-4 hours each     
WEEKLY Courses 2019: Courses from Monday to Thursday or Weekend Saturday to Sunday.
KW 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39.

Skeeta sailors can also test the Waszp. Both boats are used in the "Centerfoil courses", a maximum of 6 students then share 2 boats, supervised by the trainer on the trainer boat with radio helmet and precise instructions that guarantee a quick learning success. This gives the course participants the opportunity to directly compare both center folders, which address an almost identical target group.

Program & services

  • Distribuition of rental material for weekly courses on sunday from 9.00 o´clock
  • Distribution of rental material for weekend courses on Friday or Saturday at 8.30. 
  • Welcome drink and briefing for the weekly course on Sunday at 18.00 in the sports camp 
  • Weekly courses start on monday at 9.00 ( 4 hours per day from Monday to Thursday)
  • Weekend courses start on Saturday at 9.00 ( 4 hours per day on Saturady and Sunday)
  • Equipment with wetsuit, life jacket and safety helmet is provided by Stickl Sportcamp
  • Welcomes evening monday @ restaurant Pedro *
  • Farewell dinner on Friday @ restaurant Pedro *

      * not included in the price.


Week04.04-04.10.2020590.00 EURO Book online
Weekend komplette Saison 290.00 EURO Book online
10.04-12.04.2020450.00 EURO Book online
1.May-Opening01.05-03.05.2020450.00 EURO Book online
Ascension Day Special22.05-24.05.2020450.00 EURO Book online
Saison-Finale02.10-04.10.2020450.00 EURO Book online

Foiling-Opening 4th - 7th of April 2019 Training, Meeting, Racing

  • On Thursday from 13.00 the program of the FOIL-OPENING begins with training until Friday 18.00 
  • On Saturday and Sunday there are speed contests (GPS) and fun regattas (Lake Crossing-Up & Down) 
  • Costs for foiling program per person € 250,- Accomodation not included!

     Get together is the motto of the event. Fun, technical discussions, input from experts, exchange of experience, video and photo service.

Entry form for Foling Opening

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