Foiling is the new sailing! Try and fly on a Waszp at Stickl Foiling Camp Lake Garda

 With radio coaching and video tutorials and video control from the trainer boat we bring you to fly!


Foiling the Waszp on Lake Garda at Stickl Foiling Camp 

Together with professionals of the Moth-Class, in summer 2014 we developed a training concept that combines the methodology to learn the foiling technique and the adequate organization of trainings in an ideal manner.

This training concept was very successfully implemented in 2015. The coach supervises a team of 2-4 students. Since the water training is very intense and requires a good physical condition, students are taking turns between sailing the Waszp and observing from the boat together with the coach.

Since 2016 we offer FOILING to ambitious dinghy sailors. Therefore we offer weekly and weekend-courses from April to October.

The spotlight will lie on trainings with the WASZP, a new one-design foiling dinghy. The WASZP allows an easier entry into foiling without perfect sailing skills on dinghies as needed on the MACH 2 Moth. Furthermore, the risk of injury is greatly reduced and therefore makes foiling accessible for ’everyone’. Still, the WASZP flies at speeds of more than 20 knots and conveys an incredible feeling of flight.

Nearly 100% of all participants from 2016 to 2018 reached the aim of course level 3 and are successfully flying above the surface!


Course program 

Each sailor is equipped with a waterproof radio helmet. By that the student gets all the necessary instructions just in the right moment to immediately implement these. This technology has been used very successfully since 20 years at Stickl Sportcamp in sailing lessons and guarantees rapid progress during the foil training.


We recommend foiling for very experienced dinghy sailors with a feeling for instable skiffs only. Additionally good physical condition, agility and endurance are required. Get ready to learn sailing all over again!

Training content:

  • Rigging and trimming of the boat
  • Introduction to the technology of the Moth including trimming facilities and foil-adjustments
  • Training of the moves on the beach
  • Launching of the beach and slip
  • Getting on the Waszp and first starts
  • Balance and sailing in floating mode
  • First foiling runs
  • Courses to the wind and changes in direction including sail- and weight-distribution trimming
  • Windward-trim and adjustment of trimming facilities while sailing
  • Preparation for downwind-jibes
  • First jibes



Depending on the season and water temperature, we provide semi dry wetsuits 4-5mm or 3/4mm as well as summer suits and life jackets and of course the radio helmet. Please bring along your own neoprene shoes that cover the ankles.

The 4-day program includes daily briefings and beach trainings as well as about 2-4 hours of water training, depending on numbers of participants. Minimum goal is to reach foil level 3 of our level system (existing levels are 1-7).

Weekly program and services

WEEKLY DATES 2020: starting April until October 2020. Courses from Monday until Thursday or Weekends (Saturday to Sunday)

With introducing the price and maintenance wise favorable WASZP, prices for this highly complex course including the coach, RIB, radio helmet and video, could be lowered to € 590,- per person. The price for the taster-weekend was lowered to €290,-. Each course consists of maximum 4 students.

  • Distribution of equipment: Saturday and Sunday after 9:00 AM.
  • Welcome drink and briefing at Sunday 6:00 PM at the sport camp
  • Daily course program of 4 hours per day Monday till Thursday
  • All equipment will be provided
  • Welcome evening in restaurant Pedro on Monday*
  • Final evening and award ceremony at Pedro on Friday*

*costs not included in course fee.



Week01.04-15.10.2021590.00 EURO 4 sessions, 4 hours each. equipment incl, group rate for 4 persons Book online
Weekend komplette Saison 290.00 EURO 2 sessions, 4 hours each. Book online
02.04-04.04.2021450.00 EURO Book online
1.May-Opening30.04-02.05.2021450.00 EURO 3 sessions, 4 hours each Book online
Ascension Day Special14.05-16.05.2021450.00 EURO 3 sessions, 4 hours each, Book online

Waszp-Week in April! The perfect introduction package for Waszp buyers! Reduced price due to collective order, organized transport to lake Garda, joint assembly, trimming and training.

Waszp unboxing and training. 23 th to 26 th April  2020

An exclusive offer to all Waszp buyers, newcomer, and Waszp-owners!

Massively reduced prices and professionally assisted entry to the fun of Waszp-sailing by:

  • A collective order in cooperation with the German WASZP-AGENT, Fa. Ziegelmeyer in Hamburg.
  • Delivery of all WASZPs directly to Lake Garda
  • Assembly Service, foil-adjustments and training
  • we assemble the new boat together, adjust the foils and rigg and offer introductionary training on the water –  4days from April 23th until April 26th.
  • We coach beginners on their own boat or our training boat from Thursday to Sunday



  • Waszp purchase, transport to Lake Garda, set-up and adjustment and introduction.
  • 1 day assembly of the own boat and 3 days training.
  • TOTAL PACKAGE: 12950,-€

All prices exclude accommodation, food and beverages and costs for evening programme.


Entry form for Waszp Week und Foiling Opening

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 Level 1

 Rigging up, warnd system and foil-adjustments, trimming with the Cunningham and boom vang (kicking), carrying, slipping and getting in the dinghy, start and balance in floating mode using the sheet and weight-trimming

 Level 2

 Moving on from floating mode to foiling mode, weight and sail trimming, upwind with luvward heeling


 Level 3

Foil-start und controlled upwind foiling with luvward heeling 

 Level 4

Bearing away on downwind with adjust the trimming facilities (foil, rudder and sail) 

 Level 5

 Jibe while foiling


 Level 6

 Tacking while foiling


Felder mit * sind Pflichtfelder

Anrede :   
Vorname* Nachname*
PLZ,Ort* Strasse*
Telefon* Email *
Ankunft* Abreise*
Hotelwunsch:  Zimmer: 
Anzahl der Personen :   
Bitte geben Sie hier die Namen aller Teilnehmer, sowie weitere Wünsche zu ihrem Aufenthalt an.