Whisper - Foiling Cat for helm & crew with jib & spi

The White Formula Whisper is a cutting edge catamaran that has been designed and built in the UK.

 Designer Ron Price had the idea to bring an affordable flying catamaran to the world sailing scene. After watching the incredible 2014 Americas Cup upset, Ron decided if he couldn’t get a ride on one he would build his own, he designed the Whisper completely on computer and modeled it using very sophisticated marine development software.  Six months later he was well on his way to launching his prototype. On day one of testing the Whisper prototype foiled flawlessly for over 4 minutes without dropping off the foils.

 The production moulds have now been completed on a 3D 6 axis cnc milling machine, and the first boats have been built and are on the publicity circuit visiting many of the worlds boat shows. The new wing style mainsail shows all the flare of a wing sail with the easy storage of a regular sail

The boat is made using a cutting edge epoxy / carbon fibre infusion method, fully built in the UK and fitted out in our production facility in Essex, the Whisper comes in at a platform weight of only 78Kg. The advancements in 3D printing  and laser sintering has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, the recent application of printing Carbon Fibre has allowed us to cut a lot of cost out of manufacturing intricate moving parts. We also computer cut all of the internal parts of the boat using our own 3 axis cnc machine, this means we can incorporate weight saving areas into the structure of the hull, lowering the overall weight.

 The Whisper is a one design class, but when it comes to the styling, the sky is the limit. Our customers have had some pretty wacky ideas, so we are looking forward to a pretty interesting start line, coupled with the ability to foil in just 4 knots of wind we could see some “pretty fly styles”.

 The Tech Specs are as below.

 Length - 5.4m

Width - 2.3m

Weight - 78Kg (excl foils)

Sails - Main, Jib and Spinnaker

Whisper program 2019 -foling for teams only.

Whisper easy foiling with T-foils for every experienced catamaran sailor.

Foil program 2019 – Whisper

The catamaran foil Season 2017 will be started  from April 1st until 5th. with our FOIL-OPENING. Try &Fly the Whisper, no lessons but rental for experienced foilers!

-    2 hrs. individual training mostly at weekends only for teams with great ginghy or sport catamaran experience

-    Try & Fly: Introduction training of 2 hrs. and 2 hrs. rental

-    Fixed rental for 2 hrs. up to 7 days.

Trainings during the week are only available as individual trainings, no group trainings.



Whisper Miete

  2 Std.  4 Std.  1 Tag  2 Tage  3 Tage  4 Tage  5 Tage 
Miete Whisper  180.00 € 220.00 € 250.00 € 400.00 € 550.00 € 700.00 € 850.00 €
Try & Fly 1 ( 2 Std. Training +2 Std.Miete  300.00 € - - - - - -
Try & Fly -Preis pro Person