General Terms and Conditions for HOTEL AND SPORT BOOKINGS: 


Stickl Sportcamp forwards your non-binding booking request to the desired hotel, which will contact you directly.

You will receive an offer and handle the entire booking including payment directly with the hotel.

The general terms and conditions of the respective hotels apply as well as their cancellation conditions.


You can book courses, events and rent directly with us.

On your non-binding booking request you will receive our offer.

If you confirm the offer you will receive an invoice from us.

Special courses, which only take place on fixed dates, can be cancelled by the organizer up to 4 weeks before the course date if the required minimum number of participants has not been reached. Deposits will be refunded.

The following terms of payment and cancellation fees apply to sports bookings:

Down payment of 30% within 10 days.

Final payment until 4 weeks before arrival.

25 % cancellation fee for cancellations 28-22 days before arrival.

50 % cancellation fee for cancellation 21-15 days before arrival.

75 % cancellation fee for cancellations 14- 08 days before arrival.

100% Cancellation fee for cancellations 08 days before arrival.

Course and rental conditions

 1. the hirer assures that he/she is aware of the valid emergency signals, that he/she is able to cope with the physical exertion of the sport and that he/she can swim freely in open water for at least 15 minutes 

2. any liability of the hirer with regard to the qualification of the hirer is excluded. This exclusion of liability means that STICKL SPORTCAMP as a rental company is not liable for personal injury or damage to property, as far as these are based on a lack of qualification of the hirer. 

3. the hirer has pointed out the special dangers of the area. The rental relationship does not include training or further supervisory duties. 

For safety reasons, the rental of equipment is only possible on presentation of the basic licence of the respective class sports association or an equivalent proof. 

5. STICKL SPORTCAMP is responsible for the traffic safety of the premises including the shore area and the piers. No liability is assumed for the water area. 

6. every participant in water sports fills in a form which entitles him/her to use the services of STICKL SPORTCAMP. No liability is assumed for valuables and cloakroom. 

7. the hirer takes over the borrowed item as inspected. STICKL SPORTCAMP does not assume any liability for hidden defects or construction faults. Possible claims against the manufacturer for replacement are hereby assigned. 

8. the borrowed material may not be passed on to third parties. After use, the material must be sprayed or rinsed and stored properly again. 

9. all damages caused by improper handling or negligent will be charged by the rental company. 

11. the water sports team stands for the safety of the base. The instructions of the staff must always be followed, otherwise any salvage costs that may be incurred must be invoiced. 

12. the services used in the STICKL SPORTCAMP for a fee must be paid at the reception before the start of the course. 

13. equipment will be provided for all courses (neoprene, life jacket and harness).

14. suitable shoes should be brought along or can be purchased at STICKL SPORTCAMP. 

15. standard courses are offered in almost all weeks. except special trainings like foiling etc. ( see dates SPECIALS )If the minimum number of 4 participants for a group course is not reached, the course can be cancelled 4 weeks before the first day of the course, or it takes place in the form of private training with a reduced number of hours.

16. if due to bad weather conditions not all course hours can be held on the water, they will be replaced by sensible theory and dry run training units, (waterstart training on the motor boat and wakeboarding behind the boat during the kite course). There is no guarantee that the practical training units will be carried out.

17. all course participants are insured against liability during the course hours free of charge. An accident insurance is not included. Outside of the course hours the participants as well as the renter are liable for damages. In this case we offer an insurance cover with an additional insurance, which we recommend to every guest.

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